The answer to this question is simple: No, wireless router signals are not dangerous.

So what’s the big deal with wireless routers?

They emit electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) in all directions. But there is absolutely no evidence anywhere that they cause people any health problems. People who think wireless routers are dangerous probably got their information from bad sources or are just completely wrong. Wirelessly connected devices are so common now that it would be impossible to go through a day without using one of them!

Are Wireless Router Signals Dangerous

So why do people think wireless routers are dangerous?

People who claim that wireless routers are dangerous probably think that by having the router on top of you while you sleep, or being close to someone who has one on, will cause harm to your body. You might have heard claims like “wireless technology is harmful”, “radiation from wireless internet is harming birds and bees”, or “Warning: Wireless Internet May Be Hazardous To Your Health”. This kind of stuff makes people’s skin crawl (and rightfully so).

After all these claims about how bad wireless signals supposedly are for us, we start to think something must be wrong. Even though we’ve been living with radio frequency signals for tens of years.

Who are the people saying wireless signals are dangerous, and why do they have to say it?

As with many things, if you look hard enough or just believe what you hear , you’ll find an article that claims wireless routers are bad for us. But whether they’re convincing or not, most of these articles ultimately break down into two categories:

1) The studies referenced in the article were paid for by companies that produce devices which run on electricity or Wi-Fi. It would make sense for these companies to sponsor research that says their products are safe since it would help them sell more of their stuff!

2) These articles suffer “confirmation bias”, which is when people only look for information that confirms what they already believe and ignore everything else.

With so many devices nowadays running on electricity or Wi-Fi, it would be impossible to go through a day without using one of them.

Next time you’re on the internet and find an article claiming wireless routers are dangerous, just think about all these points! It’s not true at all. And that’s why articles like this exist – to let everyone know “Hey! Wireless routers aren’t harmful!”.

Is it safe to use Wi-Fi routers in my home?

Yes the health risks are very low. Wi-Fi radiation causes very little impact to human health.

WiFi radiation is one of the most common forms and nearly every cell phone emits some.

Wireless devices also send and receive these waves, but so far there are no long term impacts from doing so.

I’m scared how do I keep myself safe?

If you are truly anxious or scared, you can do a few things to mitigate any low risks.

First of all when you sleep at night turn off your Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi devices.

This will stop them from emitting any WiFi radiation.

Cell phones are probably the biggest emitters, so make sure your mobile phone is turned off.

Some mobile phones allow you to use airplane mode with stops any cell phone radiation from being emitted.

For those that need to keep their wireless network running at all times of day, you can place your Wi-Fi equipment on the other side of your home, to reduce WiFi exposure.

You can also opt to connect WiFi devices through an ethernet cable instead, this will make it a wired device instead of wireless device and allows you to turn off your WiFi router.

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