Are you looking for the best 4K TV 2022 for your kitchen? In this article, we share the top 10 4K TVs on the market.

Starting at number 1 we have the LG OLED65B9PUA B9 Series.

LG OLED65B9PUA B9 SeriesThe B9 series from LG is available in sizes ranging from 55 inches to 77 inches. It weighs around 58 pounds.

This 4K tv uses an intelligent processor to help images and color be brought to life. Empowered by AI at its core, the TV enhances picture quality and provides a great viewing experience.

With Alexa and Google Assistant integration, you can easily load up your favorite app or DVD by talking to the TV directly.

The B9 series has Dolby vision and atmos, this transforms your TV and provides advanced sound and image technology, that’s been inspired by the cinema. You’ll get optimized pictures and sound for a more lifelike viewing experience.

The TV has Nvidia G Sync compatibility, this takes your gaming to a whole new level and gives intense colors and smooth gameplay.

The B9 series is compatible with WISA speakers and has Airplay 2 built-in, so you can cast anything from your iPhone or laptop directly onto your LG TV.

At number 2 we have the Sony X950G.

Sony X950GThe X950G is available in sizes 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. It weighs around 41.9 pounds.

This TV comes with a high dynamic range that provides incredible clarity, brightness, and amazing detail.

The 4K ultra-HD resolution gives you a fantastic immersive feel when watching and to control your TV you simply speak to Alexa which is integrated, allowing you to play music, launch video apps and switch channels without a remote.

The triluminos display gives you vibrant colors with a clear picture, making the image on the screen feel realistic.

The X950G comes integrated with the Motionflow XR technology which removes motion blur.

At number 3 we have the Hisense H9F.

Hisense H9FAvailable in both 55 inches and 65 inches, this smart ULED TV is a great pick that will brighten up your living room.

Supporting up to 1000 nits at peak brightness, this TV has more luminance and contrast on the screen giving you better visuals in well-lit rooms.

The H9F has voice integration so you can jump to any channel you want with your voice, or load up your favorite video apps instantly. On top of this, you also get an artificial intelligence system integrated into the TV that will adjust the picture and audio modes based on what type of video you’re watching, for example, fast action, news or gaming.

The H9F has an input lag that’s as low as 15 milliseconds, so you can stay ahead of your competition and get those faster reaction times with less lag than others.

The design of this TV has no bezel, giving you more screen area and less padding around the edges. This makes the TV looks like one solid plane of glass and gives it a sleek look and feel.

At number 4 we have the VIZIO P-Series Quantum X.

VIZIO P-Series Quantum XThis TV delivers up to 165% more color than other standard 4K TVs, so you’ll get some of the best visuals and high definition colors bringing the image to life and immersing you into your movies, games or TV shows.

With up to 600 nits of brightness, you get a bright crisp image that maintains its quality even in a bright room. The detailed highlights are fantastic and with the ultra-bright 3000 system, you’ll be more than satisfied.

The P-Series comes with 384 local dimming zones, this will allow you to get amazing contrast and depth, as well as allow the TV to provide deep black levels.

Dolby Vision HDR is included in this TV, allowing a wider display of colors and detail, it also comes with HDR10 and HLG support.

The P-Series works with Apple airplay, so you can easily connect your iPhone or laptop to the TV and wirelessly control it.

At number 5 we have the TCL S425.

TCL S425The S425 is available in a wide variety of sizes, you can choose from 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. It weighs around 16.5 pounds although this will vary depending on the size you go for.

This smart TV comes with lots of functionality allowing you to access over 500,000 TV episodes and movies, all of this is available through the simple Roku TV.

The S425 has amazing clarity, with bright colors and great contrast. The direct-lit LED provides great picture quality.

The TV comes with 3 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, Composite, Headphone jack and ethernet inputs.

The S425 is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can speak to the TV and control it with your voice, saving you time in having to constantly find the remote.

At number 6 we have the Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA.

Samsung UN43RU7100FXZAAlthough we are focusing on the 43-inch model here, you can also get this TV in 50, 55, 58, 65 and 75 inches. It’s also possible to combine the TV with various compatible soundbars to get amazing audio. The TV weighs around 21.6 pounds but this varies with size.

This TV comes with a powerful 4K ultra-HD processor, that optimizes the TV’s performance giving you fantastic picture quality and upscaling every show, scene and season to get the best 4K quality.

With HDR this TV can enhance the detail on your screen, so you can get true life-like images, with more shades of color you’ll be able to get more detail than other standard HD TV’s.

The Samsung TV has Purcolor which provides millions of shades of color, that provide a vibrant lifelike picture.

With several smart TV features, this TV is a great choice, you can stream content, watch TV shows, game and more. Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility makes using this TV a breeze and very easy to control with the sound of your voice.

The design is slim and sleek and will fit in with nearly any décor.

At number 7 we have the Insignia NS-43DF710NA19.

Insignia NS-43DF710NA19Although we will be focusing on the 43-inch version of this TV, you can also get this TV in 55 inches if you want the bigger size. It weighs around 19.6 pounds although this will vary with size.

This smart TV with the Fire TV experience built-in will provide tens of thousands of channels, apps and more for you to choose from. You can pick from everyone’s favorites such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO and more.

The 4K ultra-HD quality will give you stunning clarity, vivid and vibrant colors, deep contrast and more. The 8 million pixels give you an amazing lifelike viewing experience and provide great quality.

With the included voice remote that has Alexa integrated, you’ll easily be able to control your TV with your voice and request any channel or app that you want to watch.

At number 8 we have the Samsung UN55RU7300FXZA.

Samsung UN55RU7300FXZAThis TV that we will be covering is 55 inches in size, but you can also get it in a 65-inch version.

With HDR you’ll get enhanced detail and the high dynamic range will let you see more shades of color than ever before.

The 4K ultra-HD processor can upscale everything for you. Being a smart TV you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of apps, channels, shows and more.

Alexa will make this TV very convenient for you, so you can say goodbye to the old school remote controls.

At number 9 we have the Toshiba 55LF711U20.

Toshiba 55LF711U20Although we will be covering the 55-inch model here, you can also get this TV in 32, 43 and 50-inch sizes should you prefer. This TV weighs around 33.1 pounds, although that will vary for the smaller versions.

The insignia smart TV is able to provide you over 500,000 movies, TV episodes and more with its smart TV capabilities. You can control this TV with Alexa with the smart voice remote provided.

The TV also lets you control your smart home from the TV.

The 4K ultra-HD picture will provide you amazing picture quality that is breathtaking and makes you feel immersed in the movie you’re watching.

And for our final pick at number 10, we have the Samsung UN82RU8000FXZA.

Samsung UN82RU8000FXZAThis TV is 82 inches in size which is huge and will take over any room you place it in. It’s perfect for home cinemas as well as large living rooms that can support it, however, you can also get this TV in smaller sizes such as 49, 55, 65 and 75-inch models. It weighs around 105.8 pounds for the 82-inch version but this will vary for smaller sizes.

This TV has a dynamic crystal color, that provides a lifelike vibrant picture.

It has nearly all smart TV features covered previously and will allow you to view thousands of shows, movies and more.

The design is very slim and sleek. It will fit with any décor type very easily, but due to its large size, it might be difficult getting it into the room.