Are you looking for the best ergonomic keyboard 2022? In this article, we’re going to breakdown our top 5 picks when it comes to ergonomic keyboards.

1. Perixx Periboard-612.

perixThis ergonomic keyboard comes with an integrated palm rest to support your wrist while releasing the median nerve pressure and reducing tension in your forearm. This should help you go through longer working or gaming sessions without feeling any fatigue or numbness in your arms.

You can also switch between two connection options at the bottom of the keyboard – the nano receiver is stored in the compartment located there. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows and it also has shortcuts and function keys. It also has four additional switchable keys for Mac or Windows and the key puller is included in the package.

The keys themselves have a long travel distance which offers a very satisfying typing feeling, while it also decreases mistyping.

2. Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard 5KV-0001.

This is a keyboard with a split keyset design intended to help you position your wrists and forearms in a natural and relaxed position. The palm rest is cushioned in order to provide support, while also promoting a natural position of your hands.

The domed keyboard design is also something that enhances tMicrosoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboardhe ergonomic design of the keyboard and reduces fatigue and numbness while using it. There is a separate number pad for increased flexibility depending on what your current task is.

The key layout is shaped in a natural arc that mimics the curved shape of your fingertips while the reverse tilt angles the keyboard in a way that delivers a straight and yet neutral positioning.

3. Logitech K350. 

Logitech K350The wave design of the Logitech K350 guides your hands into the right position so you can use it for a prolonged period of time without having to worry about numbness. The cushioned palm rest makes it a lot easier to work or to play various video games.

In addition, the keyboard boasts a longer battery life, extended up to three years. Of course, this is calculated based on a calculation that takes into consideration 2 million keystrokes per year so the results may vary based on a different intensity.

Another convenient thing is that the tiny Unifying receiver will stay in your notebook, eliminating the need to unplug the keyboard whenever you move around. You can easily add other wireless keyboards or mice using the same wireless receiver.

4. Kensington Pro Fit K75401US.

Kensington Pro Fit K75401USThis is a split and sloped keyboard that comes with adjustable reverse tilt positions to provide natural alignment and to further increase the comfort for your wrists and forearms. It’s a dual wireless model with 128-bit AES encryption which further increases the security and flexibility.

Typing is smooth, easy, and non-disruptive because the keystrokes are rather quiet. In addition, the keys are also spill-proof which means that the cleanup is fast and very easy.

You can toggle between 2-4 GHz Bluetooth and the off function through the three-mode power-saving switch. While the majority of users are very happy with the overall design and feel of this keyboard, some of them report issues with the actual usage and that it sometimes fails when typing.

5. Cloud Nince C989M. 

Cloud Nince C989MLast but not least we take a look at this split keyboard which is intended to eliminate wrist and shoulder pain when you type. It keeps your hands and arms aligned in a natural position and provides pain-free typing for as many hours as you need.

The keyboard can be separated to a total of 8 inches, keeping both of your arms ergonomically aligned. The RGB backlit keys also guarantee that you will be able to read all the characters easily. However, all this lighting doesn’t really strike the user as a working keyboard but rather a gaming one.

In any case, it should do the job just fine, regardless of whether you’re in the office or gaming at home. It has a higher price tag compared to the other products on our list.

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