Best Gaming PC Build Under $1500 (Updated June)

Are you in search of the best gaming PC under 1500 that will give you fantastic performance? In this article, we share our favorite build for this price.
We are unbiased in our reviews and choose high quality peripherals that produce good gaming benchmarks. Prices may have changed since we wrote this, but RRP prices should be under $1500. For better performance and the latest hardware check our other guides.

Best $1500 PC Build

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AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

  • AM4

  • 6 cores

  • 12 threads

ASUS Rog Strix GeForce RTX 2070 Super

  • 8GB GDDR6

  • 1830 MHz Boost Clock

  • ASUS Aura Sync RGB

Crucial 16GB kit

  • DDR4 2666 MT/s

  • 16GB RAM

  • Overclockable


  • 1TB

  • Read/Write up to 560/520 MB/s

  • 3D NAND technology

Seasonic Focus Plus 650FX

  • 650W

  • 80+ Gold

  • Modular

ASUS Prime X570-P

  • AM4 socket

  • ATX

  • Aura Sync RGB

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent Edition

  • Full Tower

  • Tempered glass side panel

  • Soundproofing

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600XAs with all of the CPUs in the Ryzen series, this AMD CPU comes in a polished silver color with the AMD Ryzen logo boldly on the front.

With the Ryzen 5 3600X you are getting a lightning-fast six-core, twelve thread processor that is built with the latest in CPU technology and innovation. You will easily be able to pump out more than 100 frames per second on some of your favorite games.

A huge GameCache of 35MB is going to allow you to get the best possible game performance for less lag and other slowdowns.

It has a base clock speed of 3.8GHz and is fully unlocked with overclocking able to get it up to 4.4GHz. You should be able to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Ryzen 5 3600X and it will take it thanks to the 7nm process technology.

This processor comes ready to connect with the latest advancements as it is on the socket AM4 platform and supports PCIe 4.0

In the $200 range there is no other CPU on the market that is going to give you a better cost to performance ratio and the included stock cooler is a nice bonus.


  • 6 cores
  • 12 processing threads
  • 4.4Ghz max boost
  • Comes with Wraith Spire CPU Cooler


  • Limited overclocking ceiling
  • No integrated graphics

Graphics Card: Asus Rog Strix GeForce RTX 2070 Super.

Asus Rog Strix GeForce RTX 2070 SuperThis stylish-looking GPU from Asus comes in a dark gray base color with curved red lines throughout.

If you are looking for a graphics card that will handle all of the best AAA titles, look no further than the RTX 2070 Super. It uses NVIDIA Turing technology to run at 1830MHz with overclocking enabled.

You are going to get a massive 8 gigs of GDDR6 memory, which will give you plenty to run the most demanding of games.

As well, if you are one for multiple-monitors this bad boy can support up to four at a time with two HDMI 2.0 and two display 1.4 ports. You are even able to hook up the latest in virtual reality technology thanks to the included USB Type C connections.

With the RTX 2070 Super you are also going to get endless customization for the looks. It uses the Asus Aura Sync RGB lighting that will give you access to millions of different color options.

This purchase also comes with some great software available, including Game Booster, GPU Tweak II, QuantumCloud, WTFast, and XSplit Gamecaster.


  • QHD performance is amazing
  • Even when stressed and under load it maintains low temperatures
  • Operates quietly
  • Configurable lighting
  • Dual BIOS


  • Occupies three expansion slots
  • Poor overclocking potential

RAM: Crucial 16GB kit.

Crucial 16GB kitThese RAM sticks from Crucial look fairly standard without many aesthetic frills in moss green color with blue and white logo.

With this RAM kit from Crucial you will be getting two 8GB sticks of DDR4 memory, for 16GB in total. This is enough to ensure you can play the latest and greatest games, and multitask to your heart’s content.

With speeds up to 2666 Mega transfers per second, this affordable option is going to keep up with all of your memory needs.

A great thing about this offering from Crucial is that you will be able to increase your bandwidth up to 32 percent and at the same time decrease your power consumption by up to 40 percent. This is a win-win scenario for such a low price.

The Crucial 16GB RAM is going to give you all the memory you need for a smooth gaming experience.


  • Great price to performance ratio
  • Maintains low temperatures
  • Consistent performance as advertised


  • Packaging is annoying
  • Overclocking is difficult


ADATA SU800This solid-state drive from ADATA comes looking similar to all their other models in a basic black color with the colorful ADATA logo on the front.

You are going to be getting a super-fast solid-state drive with 1 terabyte of storage an amazing reading and writing speeds of 560 and 520MB per second respectively. Everything is going to load and respond faster, especially if you are coming from a standard hard disk drive.

With the ADATA SU800 you are getting the latest in advancements for the DRAM Cache Buffer and Dynamic SLC Caching. This means that they are fully optimized to give you the best possible performance for your storage.

Your new SSD is also fully protected by the RAID engine and Data Shaping technology. As an added bonus you will also get access to the ADATA SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility software.

This 2.5-inch SSD from ADATA comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer and is going to be a key component to any strong gaming PC.


  • Easy installation
  • Quick operation and performance
  • Great value for money
  • Good packaging


  • Migration software isn’t great from ADATA
  • Software isn’t very user friendly

Power Supply: Seasonic Focus Plus 650FX.

Seasonic Focus Plus 650FXThis compact and powerful PSU from Seasonic comes with a black base color with lavish gold accents throughout.

The Seasonic Focus 650FX is super-efficient for its size, as it measures only 7.28 x 12.44 x 4.69-inches, which makes it perfect for smaller builds.

It is a 650 Watt power supply that is 80 Plus Gold certified. This means that it will run 90 percent efficient at half load, and a blazing 87 percent efficient at a 100 percent load. You are going to be getting a PSU that can handle just about anything.

Seasonic has designed the Plus series of power supplies to be fully modular, which makes organizing your cables easier than ever, without extra clutter.

As well, they have put a lot of effort into the cooling system. You get the all-new Hybrid Silent Fan Control technology which balances fan noise and cooling in three different modes; Fanless, Silent, and Cooling.

For the icing on the cake, this PSU from Seasonic comes with an amazing 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A Seasonic PSU is also used in our gaming PC build under $3000.


  • Modular PSU gives you lots of customization
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Looks great
  • Long braided PSU cable


  • Some cables are difficult to bend and can make cable management difficult

MOBO: ASUS Prime X570-P.

ASUS Prime X570-PThis motherboard by Asus looks fairly standard, as do most, and comes in a black, gray, ad white color pattern with diagonal lines.

You will be future-proofing your build by using the X570-P as it is fully compatible with the latest processors, has PCIe 4.0 support, dual M.2 support, and even USB 3.0 connections. This is a MOBO that will last you for years to come.

Cooling is always going to be a major concern, and the X570-P comes with Fan Xpert 4 and UEFI for the best fan and pump controls available.

As an added bonus, this motherboard is also compatible with a vast amount of RGB components so you can have fun customizing your lighting to be unique to you. This is due to the inclusion of Aura Sync RGB technology.

With 4 RAM slots you can expand your RAM capacity and install more RAM if you wish to. We recommend 16GB of RAM but you can add another RAM 16GB pair of sticks.


  • Easy installation with AM4 socket out of the box
  • Lots of USB ports, SATA ports and more
  • BIOS easy to navigate
  • Aesthetic design
  • Good thermals


  • No USB type C
  • No normal PCI slot for sound cards etc

Case: Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent Edition.

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent EditionThis case can really do it all, and it looks great with a tempered glass side panel and five different color choices.

The body of the Eclipse P400S is made completely of metal with the exterior being high-grade steel. It is designed to fit even the larger GPUs and gives you 15.2-inches of clearance which is more than enough room.

Cooling is a top priority with this case from Phanteks, and it has magnetic dust filters, a three-speed fan controller, has two 120-millimeter fans built-in, and even support radiators for liquid cooling. With direct airflow going to the processors, you will never have to worry about overheating again.

For anyone looking to add additional storage, there is room for six different drives measuring between 2.5 and 3.5-inches.

With an amazingly easy to use cable management system, along with a 300-millimeter RGB light strip, the Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent Edition is going to give you everything you need in a PC case without breaking the bank.

A build at half the price of $700 can be found by clicking here.


  • Feature rich design whilst being inexpensive
  • Fantastic cable management
  • Sound dampening panels
  • Clean looking design
  • Magnetic dust filters


  • Case does get a lot of fingerprints on it
  • No drive bay for DVD/Blu Ray

Can you build a good gaming PC for 1500?

You can build a decent gaming PC for $1500. If you want a high end gaming PC build then you might have to up your budget. If you are a competitive gaming and want the best gaming performance possible, then you will need to nearly double your budget. Gaming PCs are not getting cheaper but as a gaming enthusiast you want the top gaming setup to be able to beat your competition, so its recommended you get good foundational pieces you can upgrade later.

Is it worth building a PC 2022?

Yes if you want something that you can upgrade in the future. Compared to a prebuilt gaming PC, you’ll have to buy your own operating system and setup cooling. Something like a liquid CPU cooler is much easier to setup with a prebuilt gaming PCs. Overall PC gaming is only getting more expensive, so getting a custom PC with all the features is great for competitive or professional players but not so much for a casual gamer.

Is Intel or AMD better?

AMD is better in 2022. It provides better value for money. If you look at the best prebuilt gaming PC on the market, it will most likely have an AMD processor. AMD has improved their performance drastically and has overtaken Intel in the gaming desktop market. If you’re looking to build a new gaming PC and want the best gaming computer, then go with AMD.

Is a gaming PC worth it?

A gaming PC is worth it. If you like playing games competitively and want the edge on others, you’ll need the best hardware. You’ll also want something future proof as PC games require more demanding hardware as years go on. A high end gaming PC in 2022 should last for 4-5 years and be able to handle long gaming sessions with good amounts of computing power.

Is it cheaper to buy a prebuilt PC 2022?

The increase in chip prices and graphics card specifically have caused prebuilt PCs to edge closer to being cheaper then building your own. A prebuilt gaming PC will lack the customizable and upgradable parts, because it may be configured differently. The benefit for PC gamers is it comes preloaded with an operating system and works straight out of the box. When doing your own gaming PC you might run into issues and have to check specific parts.

What are some alternative parts I could use in this build?

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
  • XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT
  • Samsung 970 EVO
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Corsair Vengeance RAM
  • nVidia RTX 3060 or RTX 2080 / RTX 3080
  • Skytech Archangel
  • CPU Intel Core i7 with a MOBO change
  • Cooler Master Masterbox