Are you looking for the best headphones with a lightning connector 2022? In this guide, we’re going to break down the top headphones with a lightning connector.

1. PALOVUE Lightning Headphones. 

PALOVUE Lightning HeadphonesThis particular set is officially MFI certified and you can plug them directly into your iPhone or other Apple devices that use a lightning port. There is an all-in-one controller that will enable you to quickly and conveniently accept and end calls, communicate with your Siri, play music, switch between tracks, and whatnot.

They also feature a 10-millimeter dynamic driver in each of the ears. This has been tuned to provide crisper mid and deeper bass tones. The design helps to minimize the ambient noise and delivers a clearer experience.

The product is reliable and they also offer a comprehensive replacement policy. You can connect it to various iPhones starting from iPhone 7 plus all the way up to iPhone 12 Pro.

2. Belkin In-Ear Lightning Headphones. 

Belkin In-Ear Lightning HeadphonesFirst things first, you should be aware that Belkin is a well-known brand which has over 35 years of experience in the market. This particular product will enable you to use it with your iPhone without an additional adapter. The design is innovative and provides a nice fit to your ear for superior sound and additional noise isolation.

The controller will enable you to switch between songs when listening to music, reject and accept calls, control the volume, and so forth. They are designed for iPhone 7 plus all the way through iPhone 12 Pro thanks to the lightning port.

There are silicone ear tips sizes S, M, and L included in the package. The sound is also superior thanks to the innovative technology and noise-canceling capabilities.

3. GOODBONG Bass Stereo Sound Headphones. 

GOODBONG Bass Stereo Sound HeadphonesThese are also MFi certified which means that they won’t cause any damage to your iPhone. However, this also means that you shouldn’t receive any unwanted error messages popping on your phone and you won’t need an additional lightning connector.

They are compatible with iOS 10 or higher and are made for iPhones, iPads, and iPods starting from iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone 12 Pro.

The headphones should deliver excellent sound and also have fine-tuned acoustics that will balance soaring highs, clear mids, and strong bass tones. They deliver the sound without any distortion, while the design should fit perfectly in your ear. You can also take advantage of a universal controller and a microphone so you can easily use them without touching your phone when it comes to accepting calls or adjusting the volume.

4. Thore Bluetooth Headphones with Lightning Connector. 

Thore Bluetooth Headphones with Lightning ConnectorRight off the bat, you will be able to experience high-res sound thanks to the superior technology that these headphones come with. They are fully compatible with a range of iPhone devices thanks to the connector.

The ear cups are backed with bolstered Allora memory foam – this plays a couple of roles. First, it makes it very comfy to fit these around your ears. Second, they also cancel noise and intrusion, increasing the overall quality of the sound substantially. These are not ear pads, though, keep it in mind – they are bulkier as a traditional headphone set.

You can also take advantage of the wired connectivity options, meaning that you can use both the Lightning connector, as well as the standard AUX cable.

5. urBeats Wired Earphones. 

urBeats Wired EarphonesThese are very neat and sleek in terms of design with a nice ergonomic fit that will guarantee comfort and convenience when you use them. They also boast high-performance so you can tune up your favorite hits and enjoy them without worrying about distortion.

Additionally, it’s also worth noting that the fine-tuned acoustic design will provide for an exceptional listening experience without any of the inconvenience that most earbuds tend to come with. These are compatible with iOS and Android devices as well.

On top of that, there is a variety of ear tip options that will provide individualized fit when it comes to noise cancellation.


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