Are you looking for the best internal network card 2022 for your PC? In this article, we share the top 10 internal network cards on the market.

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TP-Link AC1300

  • 2.4/5G

  • 1300Mbps

  • PCIe


  • Wi-Fi 6

  • 3000Mbps

  • PCIe

Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I

  • 2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz

  • 867 Mbps

  • Bluetooth 4.2

TP-Link TG-3468

  • Ethernet

  • 1000MBps

  • PCIe

TP-Link AC1200

  • Dual band Wireless

  • 867Mbps

  • PCI express

Intel Wireless-AC 9260

  • Bluetooth 5

  • Wireless

  • M.2 2230 Form Factor

TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300

  • Wireless

  • 300Mbps

  • 2T2R MIMO

Ubit AX200

  • Dual-Band WiFi 6

  • 3000Mbps

  • Bluetooth 5.1


  • Ethernet

  • Gigabit

  • PCI-E ST1000BT32

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • 1000Mbps

  • PCI-based

1. TP-Link AC1300.

TP-Link AC1300 PCIe Wireless WiFi PCIe cardIf you are looking for some super-fast WiFi, this might be the internal network card for you.

You’ll get 867 Mbps of WiFi speed so you get blazingly fast download and upload speeds.

This will give you more stable WiFi signals compared to other computers you might have used in the past.

If you are a gamer or using a computer for so many different projects, this might be the best internal network card to consider.

Whether it’s at home or the office, your computer will have fast Internet right at your fingertips.

Want some range for all of your other devices?

No problem.

You can get two antennas that will expand the WiFi signal so that your tablets, phones, and other devices can easily pick them up.

This will support Windows 10 and also the older versions from Windows 8 all the way to Windows XP.

Surprisingly enough, there are still people out there that do operate on Windows XP.

But if you are a gamer, you’d be wise to use just Windows 10.

But we digress.

With the purchase of this internal network card, you get a two-year warranty and 24/7 technical support from TP-Link.


  • Low ping
  • Easy PCIe installation
  • Strong signal range
  • Good for non gaming
  • Durable design


  • Doesn’t come with good instructions
  • Needs a CD-Drive to install the driver

2. EDUP EP-9636GS.

EDUP WiFi 6 Card AX 300MBps PCIe Network CardThis comes with WiFi 6 technology that is designed to give you the best WiFi signal and coverage capabilities while consuming as little power as possible.

The card comes equipped with an Intel AX200 Chip that will give you dual-band high-speed Internet not just for your computer, but also for all of your additional wireless devices.

This has a high-quality heat sink that will quickly dissipate heat that might be generated inside the network card itself.

Yes, network cards can overheat over time.

But the heatsink will prevent any kind of overheating, especially when you are looking to overclock your computer like a Gaming PC.

This also is Bluetooth compatible.

It will also be able to expand your Bluetooth range by four times.

If you want to connect a device to Bluetooth, you won’t have to worry about the signal being too weak.

Which means you can wait for less while transferring files or anything that would need a Bluetooth signal.


  • Installation is a breeze
  • Good packaging
  • Sturdy and strong construction
  • Connection is strong


  • Slightly bulky design
  • Doesn’t line up perfectly with the access plates

3. Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I.

Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I REV Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Frequency Expansion CardThis is an internal network card that is fully qualified with Bluetooth 4.2 technology.

It also has 802.11 WiFi support and has support modules for WiFi.

Plus, it has the ability to give you WiFi speeds of up to 867 Mbps.

That’s blazing fast, especially for uses like online gaming.

You’ll get a stronger, more stable signal and not have to worry about losing the connection due to weakness.

Also included is an antenna that supports WLAN 2Tx2R transmission.

If you are looking for an affordable option for internal network cards, this might be a good choice to consider.

Especially when you are building a gaming PC from the ground up, but want to do it on a budget.


  • Great range with good WiFi signal
  • Doesn’t need driver installation on Windows 10
  • Minimal footprint
  • Installation is simple
  • Fits in well even with larger graphics cards
  • Antenna base is magnetic


  • The manual for installation isn’t very useful
  • Throughput Booster feature creates unstable connections

4. TP-Link TG-3468.

TP-Link 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Network AdapterThis network card supports the latest Windows operating system.

But if you are looking to upgrade a regular computer that runs on an older version of Windows, then this will support it.

And it’s super fast.

No kidding…it might be the fastest network card on the market up to this point.

You also get Wake On LAN supporting Auto-negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX.

You also get low profile and standard profile brackets that will be perfect for either notebook PCs or standard-sized PCs.


  • Competitively priced
  • Easy installation
  • Plug and play with no driver requirements
  • Fast connection


  • Some operating systems require a driver load, such as Linux and older Windows systems

5. TP-Link AC1200.

TP-Link AC1200 wifi cardIf you want lightning-quick internet speeds, this is the card for you.

How fast are we talking about?

Try 1200 Mbps.

This could be one of the best internal network cards that you can put to good use if you are a hardcore gamer that is looking to build a PC from scratch.

And when you are building a PC, you know what is best for you so long as it’s compatible with your motherboard and other parts that are critical to your PC operation.

Plus, you get a whole lot of range thanks to the built-in antennas. If you have various devices that are Wi-Fi compatible, you’ll be able to get connected fairly quickly.

If you are looking for some serious WiFi speeds along with strong signals for the rest of your devices, this could be an internal network card that will get the job done.


  • Very strong signal
  • Works straight out of the box
  • Comes with smaller PCI bracket and fits in easily


  • Slightly pricy and other cards have better performance for similar price

6. Intel Wireless-AC 9260.

Intel Wireless-AC 9260This contains no vPro technology.

It’s also compatible with Intel 8th Generation Core Processors.

Even better, it’s compatible with your most recent Windows operating system like Windows 10.

And let’s not forget that it also gives you the best in Bluetooth technology.

So you can be able to connect your devices to Bluetooth without worrying about any kind of signal weakness.


  • Offers fast speeds
  • Drivers automatically download
  • Made by Intel


  • Screws can be difficult to remove, requires a small screwdriver

7. TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300.

TP-Link TL-WN881ND N300If you are looking for a simple, easy to use internal network card that will give a reasonable 300 Mbps of WiFi speed.

This also contains MIMO technology: which gives you plenty of output compared to conventional 1T1R technology that you will find on other Internal Network cards.

This is compatible with 802.11n/b/g PCs and products.

Not to mention, it supports the current Windows operating system along with older versions like Windows 8 and earlier.

You can easily set this up and have it in full operational function before you know it.

No need for anything complex.

And with all TP-Link products, you get industry-leading 2-year warranty if things ever go wrong with it.

For a great internal network card that will give you excellent speed, easy install, and one of the best warranties in the business, a TP-Link internal network card will never steer you wrong.


  • Small compact design
  • Relatively cheap
  • Compatible only needing one PCI-E slot
  • Has smaller PCI bracket if you have a smaller case


  • Antennas are flimsy
  • Included software is terrible
  • Not the fastest speeds

8. Ubit AX200.

Ubit AX WiFi 6 Dual Band 2974This will handle the latest WiFi technology including 802.11ax.

You’ll be able to get faster connections even from the other end of your home.

At a time when WiFi signals can be strong in one room and weaker on the other end of the house, this internal network card might be what you need to get strong Wifi signals right from the start.

Plus, you get ridiculously fast Internet speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps.

If you are dealing with lag problems on a gaming PC, you can bet that those will be eliminated at the snap of a finger once you have this installed on your build.

You get ultra-responsive real-time calls, gaming, and VR experiences.

That’s definitely something that any sane gamer or techie can’t say no to.

You also get Bluetooth version 5.0, the latest in Bluetooth technology.

This will give you powerful wireless connectivity technology between devices that are compatible.

You get faster data and file transfers compared to standard network cards.

The connectivity will be seamless and uninterrupted, just the way you like it.


  • Super easy to install, plug and play
  • Great Wi-Fi range
  • Very small card doesn’t need much clearance
  • Bluetooth works great


  • No support or website
  • No warranty, since no website
  • Doesn’t support older operating systems

9. Intel EXPI9301CTBLK.

Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E Network AdaptorThis is perfect for any gaming PC computer that has an Intel Core Processor motherboard and other compatible parts.

You’ll get fast speeds that will get rid of any kind of lagging issues that you might have had prior to making an upgrade.

If you are building a computer from scratch, odds are you might be doing it on a budget.

If that is the case, you might want to consider the idea of purchasing this internal network card if money tends to be an issue for the time being.


  • Fast performance – great for gaming
  • 1024MB/ps
  • Small compact build


  • Has no instruction manual

10. ST1000BT32. 1 Port PCI 1000 32 Gigabit Ethernet Network AdapterThis is compatible with almost any Windows Operating system your computer has (assuming you are making an upgrade).

But nine times out of ten, if you are building a gaming computer you are probably opting for Windows 10 since it is the most recent.

Not to mention, most of the popular game titles may not even support the older versions of the Windows operating system.

It’s also compatible with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, and 802.3x standard WiFi setups.

This might be the best card that you can look for if you want something that is easy to install and will give you the fastest WiFi speeds right from the jump.

On top of that, you will be able to expand the signal from one end of the house to the next.

Depending on the size of your living space, this will also eliminate any possible need for a WiFi extender.

You also get the best customer service team available to you 24 hours a day if and when you run into any problems.


  • Provides simple high speed connection
  • Compatibility with Mac and Windows
  • Dual-channel networking


  • Not the greatest durability
  • Construction feels flimsy