Are you looking for the best Logitech gaming mouse 2021? In this guide, we go through the top 5 logitech mice on the market.

1. Logitech G PRO Hero. 

Logitech G PRO HeroThe Hero model comes with a 25,600 DPI max sensitivity but it also boasts zero smoothings, filtering, and acceleration. The mouse is equipped with mechanical switches and a spring button tensioning system. This is intended to provide a consistent feel, extreme performance, and speed that garners nearly instantaneous actuation of every single click.

The programmable RG lighting offers 16.8 million colors that you can use to customize the lighting. You can match it with your current setup’s overall appeal or with the colors of your team, for example. The Lightsync technology, on the other hand, means that you can create your own palette or you can sync it with other Logitech G gear.

The mouse comes with 6 customizable buttons and onboard memories. You can assign commands to these buttons and save them directly on the mouse. This way, you can use the mouse in competition systems without having to reconfigure your settings. The design is also optimized in a way that reduces the way and improves comfort.

2. Logitech G502. 

Logitech G502 HeroThe Hero 25K sensor boasts 1:1 tracking, over 400 IPs, as well as a maximum DPI sensitivity of 25,600. This one also comes with zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. It has 11 customizable buttons as well as onboard memory. Like the previous model, this means that you will be able to assign custom commands and also save up to five ready-to-play profiles directly on the mouse itself.

The mouse also has an adjustable weight system. You can arrange up to five removable weights (3.6 grams each) which are located inside the mouse. This will enable you to tune the balance and personalize the device depending on your own preferences.

Going forward, it has a mechanical switch button tensioning thanks to the metal spring and pivot hinges. They are built into the left and right mouse buttons for a clean click feel with very rapid click feedback. The mouse comes with a one-year hardware limited warranty.

3. Logitech G703 Wireless Mouse. 

Logitech G703 LightspeedThe Lightspeed G703 comes with a wireless extension adapter and a Lightspeed wireless nano receiver that you can just plug in your computer. Though it’s a wireless mouse, there’s also a cable that you can use to charge it and, if you prefer, to use it with. It comes with the standard Hero 25K optical sensor but you’d have to install a free software update for it.

The maximum DPI is 25,600 and there’s a DPI button right above the scroller where you can adjust it accordingly.

The mouse boasts great responsiveness thanks to the advanced button tensioning. However, it’s worth noting that double-clicks are a common complaint after prolonged usage. Even though it can be fixed quickly by clicking the left and right buttons simultaneously a few times, this is not something you’d expect from a top-shelf mouse like this. Apart from that, the mouse is very comfortable and its wireless capabilities are beyond these of many other competitive products.

4. Logitech G403 Hero. 

Logitech G403Equipped with the 25K sensor, you would have to do a software update to take advantage of it – just like the G703 wireless mouse. However, once done, you can enjoy a maximum DPI of up to the standard 25,600 as well as 400+ IPs.

The mouse comes with a full spectrum of lighting that responds to the in-game action, screen color, and audio for full convenience. The device is both comfortable and durable thanks to the premium materials and the ergonomic shape. There is a DPI button right above the scroller that can be used to adjust the sensitivity based on your own personal preferences.

It’s supposedly boasting a 1 ms report rate, making it many times faster than most of the standard gaming mice. It also comes with 6 programmable buttons that will not only simplify your game actions but also make it a lot easier to configure macros and keybinds to be reachable at the edge of your fingertips.

5. Logitech G203. 

Logitech G203Unlike the previous options, this one comes with 8,000 DPI gaming-grade sensor which is supposed to respond perfectly to your movements. However, the device is a lot more affordable compared to the other items on our list and this somewhat reflects in its features.

It doesn’t have many programmable buttons. The primary ones are tensioned mechanically with durable metal springs to increase the performance and reliability, while also making the feel very satisfying. The crisp clicks provide precise feedback and deliver serious precision to maximize your control over the gaming environment.

It has a total of six buttons which will provide for certain customization but not nearly as much as the ones that we’ve listed above. In any case, it boasts some serious capabilities and, given its price, it’s an excellent choice if you’re not into competitive gaming.



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