Are you looking for the best RAM for gaming 2022 for your gaming PC? In this article, we share the top 10 gaming RAM options on the market.

Best Gaming RAM

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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB C16

  • 16GB

  • DDR4

  • 3200MHz

Patriot Signature

  • 8GB

  • DDR3

  • 1600MHz

HyperX Fury 8GB XMP

  • 8GB

  • DDR4

  • 2666MHz

Corsair Vengeance LPX

  • 16GB

  • DDR4

  • 3000MHz

Timetec Hynix IC

  • 8GB

  • DDR3L

  • 1600MHz

Crucial Ballistic Sport LT

  • 8GB

  • DDR4

  • 3000 MHz

Corsair LPX 32GB 3200MHz

  • 32GB

  • DDR4

  • 3200MHz

Crucial 8GB DDR4

  • 8GB

  • DDR4

  • 2666MT/s

Kingston Technology KVR16LS11

  • 8GB

  • DDR3L

  • 1600MHz

Patriot Viper Blackout Series

  • 8GB(2x4)

  • DDR4

  • 3000MHz

1. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB C16.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB C16If you are looking for a RAM that will work well when you are overclocking your system.

When you overclock your system, you risk overheating your system.

But with the aluminum heat spreader, it will dissipate heat much faster than other RAM systems.

And you can overclock your system as often as you please.

This is compatible with so many Intel series systems.

This includes 100, 200, 300, X299 series systems.

And by the way, it also is compatible with AMD 400 Series systems as well.

This is tested across well over 100 different gaming motherboards.

And the results are the same…you get reliability and speed in one RAM system.

You also get XMP 2.0 support so you can automatically overclock your system without any kind of issues.

For plenty of speed and power for your gaming PC, you’ll love this Corsair Vengeance desktop memory kit.


  • Two included cooling fans
  • Great performance
  • High DDR4-3200 rating


  • Overclocking is limited at 1.35V

2. Patriot Signature 8GB.

Patriot Signature 8GB DIMM DDR3 RAM systemThis is a non-ECC unbuffered RAM system.

This is a 2 rank double-sided module that gives you plenty of memory capability.

It also has auto and self-refresh capabilities, which will be useful if you have the intent to create as much space as possible.

The last thing you want to do is run out of memory and have issues with it when you are trying to install other apps or games.

You don’t need all kinds of power in order for this to work.

That’s because it requires at least 1.5v of power.

If you are looking for plenty of RAM for an upgrade or a full build, this could be a good choice for you.


  • Competitively priced
  • Easy installation
  • Speeds are good


  • Older line of DRAM

3. HyperX Fury 8GB XMP.

HyperX Fury 8GB XMP Desktop Memory Single StickThis will give you 8 gigabytes of RAM, thus making it a really solid RAM system for any gaming or high-end computer that is used for graphic design and other projects.

This includes a high-performing DDR4 upgrade that is cost-efficient, so it’s a great budget option if you are building a gaming computer from the ground up and strapped for cash.

It’s also compatible with Intel’s latest chipsets and is Intel XMP ready.

You’ll have plenty of speed at your disposal so you won’t have to deal with any slow bootups or operation.

Speed matters, especially when it comes to a gaming computer.

Don’t take it for granted especially when you are building a computer from scratch.

Because if you do, you’ll expect a lot of lagging and not to mention slow bootups.


  • Good overclocking
  • Includes second XMP
  • RGB lighting


  • Priced relatively high
  • Up to 23-cycles of tRCD and tRP

4. Corsair Vengeance LPX.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DD4 DRAM Desktop Memory KitThis is perfect if you are looking to overclock your system on a regular basis.

In the event that you do, you’ll be able to keep your RAM unit nice and cool.

That’s because you have a low profile aluminum heat spreader that will dissipate heat much quicker than normal.

It is also compatible Intel 100 series, Intel 200 series, Intel 300 series, and Intel X299 series systems.

This RAM will give you 16GB of total RAM, which is enough for almost any kind of gaming PC that you are planning to build.

It’s also enough memory to run all of your games, apps, and everything in between in order to have the best gaming experience possible.

The more RAM that you have at your disposal, the better off you’ll be.


  • Strong brand
  • Runs games at highest settings with no issues
  • Faster than CL17 cards
  • Sleek looking design
  • Reliable and high quality


  • Slightly higher priced than average
  • Sometimes struggles under extreme load

5. Timetec Hynix IC.

Timetec Hynix IC 8GB DDR3L 1600MHzThis is perfect for all kinds of computers from brands like Toshiba, Acer, Gateway, HP/Compaq, and more.

The list goes on and on.

This includes a dual voltage supply that will allow you to power your RAM unit without having to rely on so much of it.

By the way, this is a RAM unit that is only suitable for laptops, not desktops.

So if you utilize a laptop for the purpose of gaming, there’s a good chance that you might want to use this as an upgrade.

It’s impossible to build a gaming laptop from scratch, but you can upgrade a good number of them so they can have the capabilities of playing your favorite titles.


  • DDR3
  • 1600MHz for Laptops, Notebooks or Mini PCs
  • Life time warranty


  • Lower speeds than standard RAM options

6. Crucial Ballistic Sport LT.

Crucial Ballistic Sport LT 3000MHz DDR4 DRAM Desktop Gaming Memory Single RAMIf you are building a gaming PC that includes an Intel 300 series platform chipset motherboard, this RAM will definitely be the perfect fit for you.

Whether you are a gamer or someone who appreciates a high-performing computer, this RAM system will give you well over 8GB of RAM, which is a good amount to have on hand when you want a machine that will be a beast.

Plus, it’s AMD Ryzen ready, so it’s not just Intel-only compatible.

You’ll get a heat spreader available in white, grey, or red.

But regardless, you are still able to get excellent heat dissipation.

Which means you’ll get no overheating even when you overclock the system.

If you are a gamer, you know that overclocking your PC will be beneficial when you want to speed things up.

However, the likelihood of overheating will likely occur.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a great cooling system in place, especially with parts like the RAM.


  • Easy to overclock
  • Priced very competitively
  • Small heat sink which is good for those with large CPU coolers


  • Budget packaging
  • Speeds could be slightly improved

7. Corsair LPX 32GB 3200MHz.

Corsair LPX 32GB 3200MHz C16 DDR4 DRAM Memory KitThis is yet another RAM kit that you can use if overclocking your system on the regular is the plan.

It’s compatible with most Intel series chipsets ranging from 100 to 300 including the X299.

Other than the ridiculous amount of memory that you get out of it, you get a low profile heat spreader.

This means you’ll be able to dissipate heat much faster even when you are overclocking your system.

It’s also tested to take on as little as 1.35V of power and can go as fast as 3200Mhz at the max.

If you are looking for spacious RAM memory, low power consumption, and amazing speed then this RAM kit might be right in your wheelhouse.


  • Size allows for any cooler you want
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with AMD out of the box
  • Great value


  • Overclocking with AMD can be tough
  • Advertised speeds might be slightly off

8. Crucial 8GB DDR4.

Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2666 RAM setThis will give you faster than expected speeds of 2666 MT/S, thus making data transfers a lot faster than compared to standard RAM sets on other computers.

If you are looking for a boost in bandwidth, then you’ll get at least a 30% increase with the installation of this unit.

The more bandwidth you’ll get for your gaming PC, the better the chance you’ll be able to handle all of your online multiplayer sessions.

Plus, you can be able to do all of this, especially with 40 percent less power consumption compared to other RAM units that are equipped on regular computers.

If you are looking for a power saver, this will no doubt be your best possible choice.

You’ll also get an excellent speed boost and better sequential data output.

If you are building next-generation system processors and platforms, this RAM system will definitely be great for it.


  • Great for laptops
  • High compatibility
  • Plug & play
  • Cheap


  • High latency

9. Kingston Technology KVR16LS11.

Kingston Technology KVR16LS11 8GB 1600 MHz Intel Laptop Memory UnitThis contains 8GB of RAM and is compatible with most gaming laptops that want nothing more than a nice big boost.

Yes, you can game just about anywhere if you have a dedicated gaming laptop.

But if your current setup is not enough, then there is always room for an upgrade.

This RAM system is living proof of that.

This is designed and tested for compatibility across so many Intel chipsets that are laptop-centric.

When you get this RAM set for your computer, not only will you have the best in performance but you will get lifetime access to technical support just in case things go wrong with it.

Kingston Technology is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to RAM systems.

Whether you are gaming from a laptop or if you are building a desktop, Kingston Technology is not a brand that you want to write off.


  • Perfect for gaming laptops
  • Good respected brand
  • Compatible with Intel chipsets


  • Bad packaging

10. Patriot Viper Blackout Series.

Patriot Viper Blackout Series DDR4 8GB 3000 MHz KitYou get not one, but two 4GB RAM units in one awesome package.

That will definitely get your wheels turning when you want to build a complete gaming system from scratch.

This is tested for frequencies of up to 2133 MHz, which is impressive if you want something with a lot of speed.

And it is also tested to handle all of your tasks without using too much power.

This is tested on most Intel and AMD platforms, so it’s got the versatility factor when it comes to the kind of processors that it can handle.

It also has XMP 2.0 Support so you can program it for automatic overclocking.

It’s a Non-ECC unbuffered DIMM, thus making it a reliable system for any gamer that wants nothing but the best in performance.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good heat distribution
  • Quality construction
  • Installation is easy


  • Not much headroom for overclocking