Are you looking for the best USB 3.0 flash drive 2022? In this guide, we will breakdown the top USB 3.0 flash drives.

1. PNY 256GB Turbo. 

PNY 256GB TurboThis is a very tiny USB drive that guarantees very quick transfer speeds. In fact, according to the manufacturer, it should be at least 10 times faster than the standard PNY USB 2.0 flash drives.

You will be able to store and transfer large files thanks to the USB 3.0 connectivity without having to wait an annoying amount of time. The 256 GB of memory space should be more than enough for your needs, but the price is relatively affordable so you can always double down if you need more.

Just for reference, the device can store up to 47,349 mp3 songs of standard sizes. That’s a lot of music! You also get free technical support in case there’s something wrong with it. It’s a great solution for keeping your information mobile and you can take it with you wherever you go.

2. Patriot 128 GB Supersonic Rage. 

Patriot 128 GB Supersonic RageThis one also comes with a very slick black and blue design which definitely looks good. The Chiavetta USB 3.0 and 3.1 provide a quick transfer speed of up to 180 MB/s. This is substantial and it means that you can transfer a multitude of large files in a matter of seconds.

The entire thing is wrapped in rubber. Although USB-related damaging incidents tend to be rather rare because you usually carry it in a bag, the fact that you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it does bring some reassurance.

It’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, and so forth. You can also use it with Mac OS and with a Linux operating system, for those of you who prefer that. All in all, it’s a little bit more affordable compared to the previous unit but it does bring twice as little storage capacity so you have to keep this in mind.

3. SanDisk 32GB Ultra. 

SanDisk 32GB UltraThis one comes with substantially less storage space compared to the others but that’s also why it’s more affordable. The transfer speed is also supposedly around 10 times faster than USB 2.0 devices which is convenient when you’re moving a large amount of data. In essence, the rate is around 130 MB/s. However, this speed might be lower depending on the hosting device, so keep this in mind.

It’s also compatible with USB 2.0 in case your device doesn’t support the updated version. There’s also secure file encryption and password protection for enhanced security.

On top of that, the drive comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty so in case you have any issues, you can get in touch with the company for details and assistance.

4. Verbatim 128GB Pinstripe. 

Verbatim 128GB PinstripeRight off the bat, as the name suggests, this is a flash drive with 128 GB of storage capacity. This should be plenty for your needs but in case you have more information you need to be stored, the device is affordable and you can always grab another one.

The PinStripe USB drive makes it very easy to transfer data thanks to the whopping 300 MB/s transfer rate. Keep in mind that this speed might vary and your hosting device is an important consideration.

There’s no cap that you have to worry about losing thanks to the retractable USB connector. It also has a limited lifetime warranty in case something goes wrong. Its designs very slim and compact and wouldn’t take any space in your bags.

5. Patriot Supersonic 128 GB Drive. 

Patriot Supersonic 128 GB DriveNow, this one comes with a heftier price tag compared to the Verbatim although it delivers the same storage capacity of 128 GB. Keep this in mind when you are making your choice. However, it does come with rubberized housing which will provide additional protection when it comes to safeguarding it – something that you won’t find with the Verbatim, for instance.

The transfer speed is up to 150 MB/s which is really more than enough. The USB 3.0 capabilities provide for quicker transfers and additional convenience. However, it’s also backward compatible with USB 2.0 as well.

All you need is plug in the USB and go about your business as usual. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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