Are you looking for the Best Vacuum for pet hair 2021? This guide will breakdown our top picks when it comes to vacuums that are great at getting rid of annoying pet hair.


1. Bissell Cleanview Swivel.

Bissell Cleanview SwivelThis is an amazing product for households with pets. It is equipped with a triple-action brush roll that loosens and removes the dirt and pet hair embedded deep inside the carpets or rugs. With its scatter-free technology, you can clean hard floors easily with less debris being scattered. It features edge-to-edge cleaning technology that allows it to pick up pet hair from one edge of the brush roll to the other. The total width of the cleaning path is 13.5 inches, which means that you will be able to clean more area in fewer passes.

Its swivel steering makes it really convenient to move and turn around corners and other obstacles like furniture and appliances.  Its dirt cup has a reasonable capacity of 1.0 liter which can be emptied easily without any mess. It has a multi-level filtration system with washable filters.  With each purchase, the company donates 10 dollars to its pet foundation.


2. Hoover MaxLife Pro.

Hoover MaxLife ProThis is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that is perfect for tackling pet hair. Its multi-purpose cleaning tools enable it to pick up stubborn pet hair and dirt from furniture stairs, carpets and rugs.  This vacuum cleaner is long-lasting and maintains its peak suction performance without regular filter maintenance.  You can simply steer around furniture and into tight spaces using an on/off brush roll to leave no mess behind. The pet turbo tool eliminates pet hair from surfaces above the floor like couches, chairs and beds.

This vacuum cleaner picks up 99% of the fine dust particles and allergens with an odor minimizing filter to prevent them from re-entering the atmosphere. It also comes with high intensity LED lights so that you can locate dirt and pet hair easily.


3. Eureka PowerSpeed.

Eureka PowerSpeedThis is a powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is really easy to control. It weighs 10 pounds which makes it convenient to maneuver and carry around. It comes with 5 height adjustment settings which makes it a versatile product. It can easily adapt between hard floors and carpets.  It comes with an extra-large dirt cup with a capacity of 2.6 liters. This way you can clean for a longer time without any interruption because it doesn’t require frequent emptying of the dirt cup.

It is a great device for pet owners. It features a pet turbo tool that eliminates pet hair with powerful suction from all kinds of surfaces and fabrics.  It also comes with a crevice tool, a dusting brush and an upholstery tool.  Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it requires very low maintenance. Because of its washable filters and bagless design, it can be maintained quite easily.


4. Bissell 2999 MultiClean.

Bissell 2999 MultiCleanThis is an effective vacuum cleaner that can be of great help to pet owners. It comes with HEPA sealed allergen system that traps 99.9% of dust and allergens and prevents them from entering the atmosphere of your house. It is tested by ASTM at sizes as small as 0.3 microns. It is a multi-surface vacuum that efficiently cleans and picks up pet hair from all kinds of surfaces including carpets, furniture and hard floors. It comes with special onboard tools like a pet turbo-eraser, 2-in-1 crevice tool plus dusting brush, so you can easily switch between the different modes.

This vacuum cleaner has a reach of 12 feet which is quite convenient for cleaning above-floor surfaces. It is a lightweight device which makes it really easy to steer and pick up.  You can wash the filter to keep it running smoothly.


5. Shark Navigator ZU62.

Shark Navigator ZU62This vacuum cleaner is best suited for carpets, rugs and furniture. It also does a great job cleaning hard floors. It gives you uninterrupted cleaning thanks to its huge dirt cup with a capacity of 2.8 quarts.  This way you can keep cleaning without having to empty the dirt cup repeatedly. It comes with a zero-M self-cleaning brush roll that delivers nonstop hair removal from all kinds of surfaces. It is a powerful device that sucks out embedded dirt and stubborn pet hair from deep inside the carpets. It comes with an anti-allergen complete seal that helps it trap and capture 99.9% of dust, dirt and allergens.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with dynamic swivel steering that makes it really easy to control and maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. It also gives you an extended reach of 12 feet with the help of an extendable hose. This feature enables you to clean above the floor easily.


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