Are you looking for the Best Voice Recorder 2022? In our buying guide below, we’ll share our top 5 picks when it comes to voice recorders.

Best Voice Recorders

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  • 4GB Storage

  • USB

  • Wide microphone for lectures

Zoom H2n

  • Mid size

  • 360 surround sound

  • 20 hours of battery life

Olympus WS-853

  • 8GB internal memory

  • Micro SD

  • Change playback speed

Sony ICD-PX370

  • Battery life of 57 hours

  • USB connection

  • MP3 audio


  • MP3 audio

  • 24 hours of battery life

  • Voice activated recording

1. Sony ICDUX560BLK.

Sony ICDUX560BLKYou can record in MP3 or LPCM and capture anything you want with this light and slim Digital Voice recorder, with optimised settings for meetings and lectures including focus and wide microphone modes. It has an FM radio so you can listen to or record radio broadcasts. With a new user friendly interface you can easily search for your recordings and music files and monitor your recording levels.

This Sony Digital Voice Recorder has a built in microphone and voice operated recording, with 3 recording options. It has a quick charge via a built in USB, only 3 minutes for up to 1 hour of recording. This voice recorder comes with 4 GB of internal storage and expandable memory with a micro SD memory slot. It also comes with headphone slot, mic input and LCD backlight.


  • 3 minute charge provides 1 hour recording time
  • Three recording options
  • Micro SD memory card
  • Easy to use


  • Some people reported that after long term use the USB port fails

2. The Zoom H2n Handy Recorder.

Zoom H2n Stereo Portable RecorderZoom’s H2n Handy recorder is the only recorder to come with 5 different mics and 4 different recording modes. It can handle just about anything from lectures and meetings to live concerts and rehearsals. This device has over 20 hours of record time with just 2 AA batteries. It has many functions, including, lo-cut filter, compressor/limiter pre-rec and auto-rec and records files in both WAV and MP3. This recorder comes with an analog-type mic gain knob and saves right to SD and SDHC cards.

This product comes with all accessories including SD card, foam wind cover, table top stand, batteries and AV cables. The H2n provides a nice balance between the cost and the features and audio quality. It is simple to use and the results are excellent. Reviewers have nothing but good things to say about this product!



  • Some people reported that the internal pre-amp can be noisy

3. Olympus WS-853.

Olympus Voice Recorder WS-853This Olympus voice recorder has 2 modes: Simple Mode for beginners with limited functionality to only the most used functions and only displays the only necessary information is large font; And Normal Mode for advanced users with full functionality. The True Stereo Mic system allows the highest quality recordings with adjustable playback speeds. An intelligent auto mode automatically adjusts the mic sensitivity according to the volume of the speaker.

This device comes with 2 rechargeable AAA batteries that charge with direct USB and a soft carrying case. It records in MP3 format and has 8 GB of internal storage, that is expandable via a slot for a micro SD card.

Some users found the display screen to be to small and struggled because there is no backlight. Overall this is a good recorder for the cost.


  • MP3 recording format 8-128kbps
  • 8GB memory built-in
  • 90 degree capture layout


  • No background lighting for the display
  • Microphones are not insulated from the case, so if you touch the case it will pick up hand and finger movements

4. Sony ICD-PX370.

Sony ICD-PX370With this Sony voice recorder you can easily record in many settings, including meetings and lectures, with up to 57 hours of battery life. It uses 2 AAA batteries, that are included, but the USB does not charge rechargeable batteries. It has a built in USB to easily transfer files to and from the device. This device records in MP3 and has many features, including an auto record function that will optimize recording and reduce background noise that will result in a purer sound. This recorder has 4 GB of memory that will hold over 59 hours of recording and if that’s not enough it also has expandable memory with a micro SD slot. This digital recorder is very affordable however you will need to replace the batteries often.


  • MP3 recordings
  • 57 hours of battery life
  • Easy USB transfer to PC


  • AAA batteries have to be replaced quite often

5. EVISTR L157.

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice RecorderThis EVISTR recorder is small and extremely light weight. It is easy to use and is voice activated, only recording when someone is speaking. It has 16 GB of storage with no option to expand. This device records in MP3, WAV and WMA. This recorder comes with a micro USB cable for charging and easily transferring files. This device is a perfect assistant that is good for making lists on the go or for taking notes.

The manufacturer warns not to turn the device off while recording or formatting as you will lose files. Some users have found that this device only saves part of the file even following instructions for saving, or that the recording will be hard to understand. Over all this is a very affordable option and is decent recorder that should get the job done.


  • 16GB storage
  • MP3 or WAV recording
  • Voice activated recorder


  • Display can be small and hard to read

Some Extra Notes.

When it comes to voice recorders, it’s key you pick the one that suits you most. Not all digital voice recorders are created the same, the features vary. A physical recorder is much better than a voice recorder app that you might find.

For those that want to record lectures, check out the Zoom H1n. Its much better than using condenser mics and it’s a good audio recorder. Similar the H1n, you can take a look at the ICD UX533BLK, which is a high quality device providing hours of recording time.

To get tiptop recording quality and easy transfers via USB, look at the ICD PX333. It has an SD card slot, USB connection and playback speed control. Not only this, but it comes with an amazing user interface. Saving the recording file is easy, it features stereo recording and can be sent directly to your Google drive. This makes it easy to manage your audio file and with the intuitive menu system, you’ll be able to manage the voice recordings easily. It doesn’t quite qualify as our runner up, but its ability to save in WAV formats, record phone calls and noise cut make it a great choice.

Making your decision won’t be easy. As you debate over sound quality, features like voice memos, storage space and internal memory, you’ll probably be fed up at the end of it. We recommend our list because all of them can create quality voice notes, work with a wide range of storage options and help block out background noises.

When you’re stuck in the lecture hall, you probably won’t want to be fiddling with a headphone jack trying to plug it in. Therefore we suggest you get a device that has high sample rates, easy file transfer and can handle various recording formats. We look for recorders that have microSD card compatibility. You also want to check if it has CD quality, playback options and various file formats.

To get the most out of your digital voice recorders and produce the optimum audio quality, focus on keeping the voice recording clear of background noise. If it does pick up some extra noise, use noise reduction features to reduce it. You’ll get much less noise by using a physical device compared to voice recording apps. It also saves you space with smaller file sizes, voice balancer features and MP3 audio quality. Even our budget pick has better features than most apps. The only downside for most s the button layout and ease of use. It might be slightly more complicated, but you’ll gain larger memory capacity, gain control and easier to merge MP3 files.

Storage capacity aside, we think Sony produces some of the top digital voice recorders. They usually have the highest sample rate, auto gain and up to 10 hours of uptime. They’re much better than the Hi Q apps you’ll find and provide good voice clarity. You’ll be able to do hours of audio, which you won’t with a recording app. Alongside this most use stereo microphones which provide superior audio files.

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