Do you really need a gaming mouse? In this article we will cover whether you should get a gaming mouse or just stick with a normal one.

We will breakdown the features of each, explain how they will impact your gaming sessions and overall gaming experience.

Why is a gaming mouse better than a normal mouse


When it comes to DPI, gaming mice tend to have much higher DPI settings and therefore are more accurate, which is better for FPS games. While normal mice have around 1000 DPI which is fine for most.

It’s safe to say you need a gaming mouse if you are playing FPS games, the adjustable mouse sensitivity makes a huge difference when you play games that are based on accuracy and reflexes.

High DPI allows you to be precise with your gaming mouse and is great for serious gaming.

Weight and Shape

While a regular mouse is lighter, they don’t need to add weights like a gaming mouse since it’s not necessary. Wireless gaming mice also come in different shapes and sizes for your hand, but normal mice do not which is better if you think about it.


A good gaming mouse will have more mouse buttons and therefore can customize your games and improve your K/D ratio, while a regular mouse does not.

razer naga gaming mouse


Gaming mice cost more than normal ones, but you get more features and therefore are worth the price.

Polling Rate

Most gaming mice tend to have a higher polling rate than a regular mouse, which is better for games.


Many gaming mice have more use of lighting which you can customize according to your taste. Normal mice do not have any lighting but are plain looking.

normal mouse

Cable Length

Normal mice have a shorter cable, but this isn’t a big deal since you will probably have your mouse close to you, while a great gaming mouse has longer cables so you can sit far away from your gaming PC.


Gaming mice have more customization when it comes to the shape, weight and buttons. While a standard mouse only comes with one shape and weight.

You are also able to customize it via macro keys which can be created to suit your own play style.


Gaming mice have a higher DPI which allows you to be more accurate and therefore better for FPS games. But office mice can be used by anyone of any age.


A gaming mouse is better when it comes to FPS games, but normal ones are good for anyone regardless of the game they’re playing. If you play FPS competitively, then you should invest in a gaming mouse since it is worth the price and will improve your game. But if you don’t care so much about K/D ratio or competitive play, then you should stick to a normal mouse since it will work fine.

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