Cleaning a gaming mouse is very simple and easy. It should take between 5-10 minutes to fully clean both the outside and inside of your mouse.

Wipe with alcohol wipes

First to start off you can use some alcohol wipes to wipe down the mouse and clean off any surface dust. Make sure the mouse is disconnected and not plugged in. Avoid using any alcohol wipes in the battery compartment. Most of the surface dust should easily fall off, but if you have more difficult to get grime then you can use harsher chemicals.

How to clean a gaming mouse

Use a Q-tip

Don’t forget the scroll wheel and buttons on your mouse. By using a Q-tip, wipe off any dust or crumbs that may have gotten stuck in these crevices. If there is any visible dirt, use some alcohol wipes to get rid of them. It’s also okay if you see some dark dirt spots that did not come out after wiping it with an alcohol wipe. You can dampen a Q-tip and rub it against the area until it comes out. Make sure no liquids go into the mouse itself though, just dampen the q-tip enough so that it doesn’t drip but also isn’t dry when rubbing against its area. Remember to get inside of those crevices in-between the side and DPI buttons.

Clean the inside

If you notice that your mouse is starting to act up, it might be time to open it up and clean the inside too. First you should unplug the mouse from its power source (if plugged in). Then gently slide off or unscrew all of the screws on the bottom of the mouse (some may not need to be removed depending on type of mouse). Now carefully pull apart all of the components and make sure no debris gets stuck in any crevices. Use some alcohol wipes for this step if needed to get rid of some grime. Don’t forget about how deep you go when opening up the pieces, there might also be a thin plastic layer between parts that can easily slip out if not handled properly! Once you’re done cleaning the inside, put everything back together and plug it in!

cleaning inside of gaming mouse

If all fails buy a new one

If you’ve tried all of these steps but still notice some dirt or grime appearing on your mouse, then you might need to invest in a new one. Don’t try to clean parts that weren’t meant to be cleaned because it will mess up the entire thing. If quality is your concern then don’t worry about it too much, there are plenty of good mice out there that won’t break after only a few months (unless they were poorly made).

Remember gaming mouse maintenance

Even if your favorite Logitech mouse doesn’t look like it’s dirty you should try and clean it every once in a while. Depending on how long your gaming session is this could vary from 1-4 days since last cleaning. This time can vary if you got particularly sweaty hands or live in a humid area, so it’s best to keep an eye on the condition of your mouse.

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