How to program a gaming mouse?

In 2022 most modern gaming mice come with a variety of buttons, features and settings that you can change and customize to your liking. Side buttons, lighting and other features can be manually programmed by the user.

In this tutorial I will show you how to program a gaming mouse with the X-Mouse Button Control software.

I will be using an older version of this software, but it should work much in the same way on all modern versions.

Download and Install X-Mouse Button Control

Download the X-Mouse Button Control software for free from this link:

Once downloaded, install the program and open it. The icon should appear in your taskbar like in the screenshot below:

The goal of the program is to be able to assign a function or action for every button on your mouse. You can also adjust sensitivity and other features as well, but we will stick with programming buttons for now.

how to program a gaming mouseHow to Program Gaming Mouse Buttons?

First we want to open the settings menu by clicking on the settings icon.

Then we click on “keystroke”, which will open a new window.

Now we want to assign the keystroke that we want to use as our “mouse button”. For example, I’ll assign CTRL+SHIFT+K.

You can choose any combination or keystrokes you wish here. You can even use “special” keystrokes like CTRL+ALT+DEL.

If you want to assign the same keystroke to multiple buttons, just click on the corresponding box in front of each button. You can set it so that one button triggers “CTRL+SHIFT”, while another triggers “CTRL”.

You should always close any open windows when done with them or the program will not close properly.

Now you can save your settings by clicking on save profile.

Now that we’ve programmed our mouse buttons, it’s time to test! Go ahead and open up a game with lots of keys bound to test it out.

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