What does DPI mean gaming mouse?

When gaming you might have heard of the phrase “Dots per Inch” or more commonly known by gamers: DPI.

what does dpi mean gaming mouse

What is DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch. That means for every inch you have, you may have a gaming mouse that has 100, 1000, 10000 dots for every inch.

Is DPI important?

DPI is important for gaming as it can greatly affect your accuracy. A higher DPI will mean that your mouse is more accurate, which can make all the difference if your micro managing in Starcraft 2 or if your playing an FPS game like CSGO.

Which gaming mice has highest DPI?

Razer gaming mice have been very popular and have some of the highest DPI settings around. You can get some of their mice which reach 20000 DPI.

Whilst a high DPI setting will make you more accurate, it also means your mouse becomes much more precise and slow. When you move your mouse across your screen with a high DPI setting, it will move much slower compared to a lower DPI.

Most gaming mice nowadays have a button on the topside that you can press which adjusts the DPI on the fly. You can go to a high DPI setting when your aiming down your sniper scope and then make it lower when your running around with your SMG.

Should I go for a higher DPI or lower DPI mouse?

I would avoid getting a low DPI mouse. Higher DPI settings will allow you to be more accurate.

A higher DPI setting also requires more mouse movement for a smaller distance on your screen, so it can hinder your performance if you need faster reflexes and big movements.

Finding a balance on your mouse’s sensitivity is key. Some games perform better with higher sensitivity settings and others prefer lower mouse sensitivity.

Mouse DPI can also be adjusted on the fly. When you need to move your mouse cursor a longer distance, press the button for a lower DPI setting and then adjust it higher after your cursor moves.

How much DPI should I use?

This all depends on the games you’re playing. If you require precise movement on FPS games, you might require more DPI and less for games such as League of Legends.

Your monitor’s resolution also plays a factor as this means more inches.

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