Many people are having problems with their routers disconnecting after only a few hours, or simply not working at all.

This is because Spectrum blocks most consumer-grade wireless routers from being used for their internet service.

What Wireless Router Is Compatible With Spectrum

The only recommended router that will work with spectrum is the Arris Surfboard SB6183. However, if you already have a router, here is a list of routers that are confirmed to work with Spectrum:

  1. Arris Surfboard SB6141 (recommended for 100mbps service)
  2. Arris Surfboard SBG6580 (not recommended, but some people have had success with it)
  3. TP-Link N600 (TL-WDR3600) (not recommended)
  4. Netgear R6300v2 (N600 dual band router – 2GHz + 5Ghz radios.)
  5. Netgears WNDR3700 (basic wifi router, very slow speeds on Uverse Service; some people have had some success with this model)
  6. Linksys E4200 v2 Dual Band Wireless-N Router w/USB Port*
  7. Linksys WRT54GL
  8. Linksys E2500 Dual-Band N Router
  9. Senao NL-2511U
  10. Cisco Valet Home Max
  11. Asus RT-N16

Is Spectrum Internet decent?

Spectrum internet speeds are much faster than the typical internet connection.

The internet service provider requires a modern router and cable modem, because the Spectrum internet plans usually have higher rates of speed.

Looking at reviews, we can see that the Spectrum internet service is stable and operates as one of the better internet service providers. Most cable internet providers have a majority of bad reviews, but Spectrum has mostly positive.

Spectrum is widely popular because of it’s Spectrum internet ultra plan and Spectrum internet gig plan, which provides very high speeds.

These speeds are usually intended for businesses, but as a consumer you can also benefit from them, if you are planning to run multiple devices and have high bandwidth demands.

What is the best Spectrum router?

The Arris surfboard is one of the better ones. It is capable to offer speeds that match the internet speed that Spectrum offers.

Most ASUS routers are also the best Spectrum compatible routers, as the modem router they offer has high speeds.

To check if your router is a Spectrum compatible router, see this list here by the official website.

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