A wireless router is a device that transmits and receives radio waves from a network.

Usually it acts as the central connection point for all devices on your home or small office network.

In order to receive good signal, you should place the router in areas close to usage.

In this article, I’ll give you my top tips on where to place your router.

Where To Place Wireless Router

Where should I place my wireless router?

To optimize the Wi-Fi coverage it’s important to place your Wi-Fi router in a central location.

Wi-Fi routers emit Wi-Fi signal a certain distance away from their location.

The distance depends on the wireless coverage offered by the specific router. Having router antennas can help, alongside placing the router high up.

Can I use multiple wireless routers?

Yes if you use a mesh router system, you’re able to link up several routers in the same wireless network.

This allows you to be less careful in your router placement and provides good Wi-Fi signal strength throughout your whole home.

Some people have weak wireless signals in certain points of their home or with a specific wireless device.

By using a mesh system you are able to maintain consistent Wi-Fi signals everywhere you go.

Where should I not put my router?

Do not put your router close to other wireless emitting devices such as cordless phones or microwave ovens.

This can cause issues and block Wi-Fi signals.

Instead place it within Wi-Fi range of your electronic devices such as your baby monitors, computers and laptops.

Can I change anything on my router to improve connection?

Once your router is already in the optimal position, look for the adjustable antennas. These can be directed towards your devices and produce better Wi-Fi performance and a more stable Wi-Fi connection.

If your internet connection often drops, you can look to use ethernet cables if possible. This puts less demand on your Wi-Fi network and frees up space for other devices.

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