Your gaming mouse may “double-click” sometimes, this is not likely to be intentional. There are a variety of reasons for why this can happen its important you check each of them and see which applies to you.

Double-click speed set too low

If your mouse’s double click speed is set too low it could be causing this problem.

When you press the button, if its set to slow it will register as two clicks because by the time it registers that your finger is off of the button and ready for another click it has already registered one.

To change the double-click speed option, go into “control panel”, then open mouse properties, then the double click speed setting.

To make the double click speed adjustment, simply drag the slider left or right.

mouse double click speed

Dirty mouse

It is important to clean your mouse frequently, because when dirt gets inside your mouse button, it may begin double clicking when you intend to click only once.

If your mouse double clicks randomly, its most likely because of some dirt hiding in a crevice.

To solve the double clicking problem use a Q Tip to clean in and around your mouse.

Interference with wireless signal

Sometimes when using a wireless mouse the signal can become interrupted, causing the computer to believe you have pressed your click twice. This is easily fixed by either moving your mouse closer to the computer or simply switching to a wired connection. If this issue persists, then there are still issues with the wireless signal.

Mouse batteries need to be replaced or charged

If you are using a wireless mouse it is important to charge or replace your batteries regularly. If your batteries are low they can cause why your mouse

Windows update is bad

If you have recently updated your Microsoft Windows operating system it may have done some damage to your mouse. It is best to navigate to the control panel and complete a system restore to the time before you did the update. However, if your computer is past this point there may be other underlying issues.

Corrupt system files

Sometimes the system files of your computer are corrupt, causing various functions to stop working. This can cause why your mouse double-clicks even when you are not intending to. To fix this, try running a system restore again to the time before the update was installed. If this does not work, you may need to replace the corrupted files. If this does not work, your system is probably just incredibly slow and needs a good clean.

Defective mouse

If none of these work it is possible that your mouse has a defect and will continue to double-click. If the issue only occurs sometimes and not all the time, then you probably just need to replace your mouse. Check out Tfue’s mouse if you want solid gaming mouse.

If none of these solutions solve the issue, its possible there is a problem to do with your hardware or your computer’s settings.

Make sure that there is no other software installed that might interfere with the mouse, and check that there are no other double-click settings that you can find.

If this is a new occurrence, head over to device manager to try to uninstall device and then reinstall it. This may fix the mouse double clicking issue.

Outdated Drivers

Another common reason your mouse is double clicking is because of drivers.

When your mouse driver is out of date, you may run into issues like this.

Mouse drivers are simple to update. Navigate to the manufacturer’s website for your mouse.

Look for the latest driver and download it.

Choose update driver to update it over your older driver.

Motherboard is defective

If none of the above work, it is possible that your motherboard has a fault and needs to be replaced.

This can cause the double clicking issue and be annoying to fix.

Testing your motherboard is difficult and it’s hard to test if it’s related to your mouse double clicking directly.

You can switch around USB ports and try them with other devices. You can also check if the devices if they show up in device manager.

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