In order to have a stable wireless connection, you need to have a router’s connection. In other words, it has got 4 important parts: the computer with the modem, the router itself and one of two types of antennas (directional or omni-directional) and lastly the device which uses this for its internet i.e. the laptop/mobile phone/tablet, etc.

Why Wireless Router Keeps Dropping Connection

Reasons why connection might be dropping from wireless router

There are many reasons that can lead to router’s disconnection in between; let us discuss some of them.

1. Router is not in use or has low battery

If there is no power supply (AC), then obviously the router will not work, and if it is not used for a long time, then its battery may get drained and the router turns off. Therefore, make sure that both AC and backup (battery) support are in good condition for better results.

2. Router signal is weak due to distance

If the router is too far away from you, it will create difficulty in connecting with your device. Thus, if the router is being used in a very large size house or office, then you should go for dual-band routers which have highly efficient range.

3. Interference from other devices

If there are other electronic devices such as microwave oven, wireless mouse and keyboard etc., then they may interfere with the signal of the router and hence cause disconnection. Hence, make sure that these devices are kept at a distance from where you want to use router when it is in use.

4. Improper channel settings

Router configuration settings play an important role in getting desired results. If some delay due to heavy usage is noticed when you try to access any website like Facebook or YouTube, then its best to check if any other router is using same channel as you.

5. Wrong version of the router

Most of the times, low or outdated versions of routers do not work properly and gives incorrect results. Hence, make sure to check on all features before buying a new one. Also, some routers come with default mode so it does not provide desired speed. So you need to DIY change settings for better connection speed.

6. Interference from other wireless devices

There are many electronic devices which use 2.4 GHz frequency band; Wi-Fi signals can be affected by these devices like baby monitors, microwaves ovens etc., resulting in disconnection/interruption between your device and router. Therefore whenever possible avoid using such types of devices around the router.

7. Router and Wireless Card Compatibility

It is important to check that your wireless card supports configured wireless security mode and also the same version as that of the Router. If it is not compatible, then you will face issues like slow speed, disconnection etc., hence make sure to buy device which is compatible with router.

8. Damaged Cables

If the cables are not working properly, then it will cause disconnection between your device and router. Thus, make sure to use proper branded connectors (not copied/non-branded), as they give good compatibility and work for longer period without any problem.

How do I fix my Wifi Connection dropping?

If your internet connection is not stable, you can check three main things.

The first is to call up your internet service provider and explain that you have internet connection problems.

Theres a chance that it could be on there end and it has nothing to do with you.

You can double check if this issue is on their end, by using a ethernet cable. If your Wifi network disconnects, but it’s stable with a cable, then the issue is on your end.

If you’ve figured out the issue is not with your ISP, check a few things.

First of all make sure your wireless router can handle multiple devices. Sometimes too many devices can cause your wireless signal to drop.

Next check that your wireless card drivers and network adapters are up to date. Old outdated wireless card drivers can cause issues.

Third make sure you have the latest router firmware. You can find this by looking up your wireless router brand.

If you’ve checked all these things you either need to buy a new router, use an ethernet cable or get a new network adapter.

Why is my internet speed faster when wired?

When you use a cable your internet connectivity will be much quicker.

This is due to the signal loss caused by wireless internet connections.

To reduce speed loss, get a modern WiFi router.

This will provide the fastest and most reliable connection between your Wi-FI router, wireless adapter and windows computer.

My internet keeps disconnecting at certain times of day?

This issue is most likely related to your internet provider.

If you’re losing internet connection at specific points in the day, consistently, then you need to get on the phone with your ISP.

If you live with multiple people and it keeps disconnecting at a certain time of day, this could be because of the amount of devices connected.

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